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The ForGen programme addresses the majority of the research needs outlined as the “sector needs” in the COFORD call for proposals. It is a large and integrated collaborative programme of research involving UCD, Coillte, the National Botanic Gardens, Teagasc and several experienced research consultants. It will address tree improvement efforts in both broadleaf and conifer species through the selection and propagation of superior individuals using breeding, propagation, and storage techniques with the aim of improving the productivity and quality of selected species. Methods will also be explored to predict good seed crops, deal with the impact of climate change and develop a framework for future tree breeding efforts. Finally the programme will develop a strategy for a national forest tree gene conservation programme.

University College Dublin: UCD Forestry, part of the School of Agriculture and Food Science. Located at the Belfied campus, the school has an excellent track record in research and education. UCD Forestry is represented by Dr Conor O'Reilly, Dr Olga Grant, Phillip Glombik and Liam Donnelly. SBES, the School of Biology and Environmental Science. Also at the Belfeild campus, in the new Science Centre. Paul McCabe leads the research in the SBES, with key support from Theresa Reape.

The National Botanic Gardens play an important role in the FORGEN programme, charged with delivering on areas of molecular biology, genetic mapping, gene conservation studies. ...Dr Colin Kelleher and Dr Philippe Cubry are carrying out the research at the NBG in Glasnevin, Dublin with support from Dr Evelyn Gallagher.

Teagasc, the National Agriculture ... is a large state organisation with outreach stations across the country. Dr Niall Farrelly is leading the provence research on Sitk spruce of Oregon

Coillte - the Irish Forestry Board has provide critical expertise to the FPRGEN progren under the leadership of Dr David Thompson. Coillte has made a huge contribution to the project in terms of staff time, and background knowledge, in addition to the existing provence trials, making the trials available to the project.