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Dr Ellen O'Connor

Ellen is responsible for the birch and alder improvement programme in FORGEN. She has been working on this topic for over 12 years and the FORGEN programme provides an opportunity to continue this work. 

Niall O'Neil

Dr Niall Farrelly

Phillip Glombik

Liam Donnelly

Ted Horgan

Derek Felton

Dr David Thompson

Dr Philippe Cubry

bio on Philippe

Dr Colin Kelleher

Colin is an accomplished research biologist with international experience. He received a PhD from Trinity College Dublin in 2002, an MSc in Ecology from University of North Wales in 1997 and a BSc from University College Dublin in 1995. For his PhD he researched the phylogeography and genetic diversity of oak in Ireland. This was the first comprehensive molecular study of genetic diversity in plant populations in Ireland. Following from his work in Ireland, Colin worked as a Research Associate in the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada from 2003 to 2005. There he worked on a project to sequence and assemble the first tree genome. He also has considerable experience as an independent researcher and an Environmental Consultant. His research focuses on biogeography and genetic diversity in wild populations. Click here for more info


Dr Theresa Reape

PhD (1990), Department of Biology, NUI, Maynooth, under the supervision of Prof. Ann Burnell. NIH Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Michigan State University, USA (1990-2) Post-doctoral fellow, University of London Medical School, St. Thomas' Hosptial, London, UK (1992-5) Senior Investigator, Department of Vascular Biology. SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, UK (1995 - 2000) Took a career break to look after my two children (2000-4) Research position in SBES (2004 - present)

Dr Paul McCabe

Dr Paul McCabe is a Senior Research Fellow based in the School of Biology and Environmental Science, University College Dublin. He is responsible for the micro-propagation and stoage reserach in FORGEN. Paul obtained his B.Sc and Ph.D from NUI Maynooth. My Ph.D was undertaken under the supervision of Prof. Philip Dix and I studied chloroplasts genetics. I was sucessful in obtaining a one year UNESCO research fellowship at the Biological Research Centre in Szeged, Hungary and worked with Dr. Peter Medgyesy. I spent 2 years in the laboratory of Prof. Ken Sink at Michigan State University, USA, as a Postdoctoral Fellow and studied asymmetic protoplast fusion. I  spent 3 years in the laboratory of Dr. Roger Pennell at University College London, as a Postdoctoral Fellow and investigated the role of arabinogalactan proteins during somatic embryogenesis. I spent 3 years in the laboratory of Prof. Christopher Leaver, FRS, at Oxford University as a Senior Postdoctoral Fellow and investigated the regulation of programmed cell death in plants. I was appointed to my present position in UCD in Sept 2000. Click here for more infortion about Pail.


Dr Conor O'Reilly

Conor is the lead researcher of the FORGEN programme. Has been teaching and researching at UCD for 20 years. Conor has published his research widely in peer reviewed journals and industry centred articles.

+353 1 716 7191

Dr Olga Grant

Dr Olga Grant is a UCD Research Fellow with the FORGEN Programme.She joined UCD Forestry in June 2012, where she is applying her ecophysiological expertise to genetic improvement of trees.Olga is responsible for the research on physiological indicators of x in Y. For her PhD, Olga researched ecophysiology and ecological genetics of shrub populations growing along a climatic gradient. Her post-doctoral research introduced me to the idea of manipulating crop growth and productivity by controlling water availability, and to the use of imaging technology to detect plant 'stress'. Olga then worked for almost five years as an Applied Plant Scientist, researching topics such as improving irrigation scheduling and selecting cultivars or new genotypes with enhanced water use efficiency or drought tolerance. After that a Marie Curie Fellowship allowed Olga to further develop applications of imaging to diagnosing and understanding plant stress. For more information about Dr Grant go to the UCD webapge here


+353 1 222 5566